Our commitment to our Wranglers has not changed since we opened in 2015.  That's why we haven't raised our tuition since we opened.  We are all inclusive, meaning, we don't charge for this program or that program.  Since the school was named after the owner's daughter, also special needs, it's more about providing the things that this population enjoys.

Aside from providing onsite and offsite services, the purpose of our program is to teach each individual how to provide and take care of themselves in a living environment.  This group is actively involved in the daily operations of this facility in order to make it run.  

*  Social integration
*  Basic education skills on the individual's level
*  Hot, home cooked lunches and snacks are included, free of charge
*  Two offsite trips into the community each week
*  Birthday celebrations each month
*  Horse project on-site and at the stables
*  Extracurricular Saturdays (optional)
*  Opportunity for three day extracurricular camp twice each year

Because of our environment and the fact that we are incredibly active, we enroll HCS levels 1, 5 and 8 (6 on a case by case basis), CLASS and TXHML, as well as private pay. We're sorry, but at this time we cannot accommodate anyone with aggressive behaviors or individuals in wheelchairs as the environment and our bus do not allow us to.  We are an active bunch and although we may use wheelchairs for those who can't walk long distances, as a whole, individuals in our program need to be ambulatory.  Please send us a message via our Contact page to schedule a tour and receive an enrollment application.